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11th Apr, 2024

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4th Apr, 2024

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21st Mar, 2024

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29th Feb, 2024

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About the Podcast

YouTube Success - YouTube for Business & YouTube Growth, Video Marketing
How to Launch and Grow a YouTube Channel
YouTube Success: Unleash Your Inner Creator! 🎥✨

Ever dreamt of riding the YouTube wave to stardom? Or perhaps just keen to boost your brand and master the art of viral content? Dive into "YouTube Success" - your ultimate backstage pass to the world of YouTube stardom! 🌟 From decoding algorithms to crafting click-worthy thumbnails, we’re pulling back the curtain on every tip, trick, and trade secret.

But wait, there's more! 🎤 Every episode brings you face-to-face with the platform’s movers and shakers - successful YouTubers, content gurus, and savvy entrepreneurs, all dishing out their success stories, failures, and that one thing they wish they knew before hitting ‘publish’.

So, whether you're a budding YouTuber with a brand new channel or an entrepreneur wanting to skyrocket your digital presence, strap in for a fun and enlightening ride. Because the road to YouTube success just got a whole lot clearer (and way more exciting)! 🚀

Hit subscribe and become the creator you were destined to be. Your journey to YouTube stardom starts here! 🎬🔥 #YouTubeSuccessPodcast

About your host

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Matthew Hughes

Matthew Hughes is the King of Video.

In 2013 he started his video company that he ran for 7 years creating video and travelling the world, with clients from one man bands through to billion dollar companies.

Fast forward to 2019 and he created the King of Video brand to help small business owners confidently, create, consistent video content that connects with their audience.

In 2021 Matt turned his focus to YouTube and has the goal of getting 1000 small businesses to 1000 subscribers using YouTube as the primary platform to grow their business and make money by strategically creating video content.